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Cartridge King FREE Recycling Program – Recycle your empties

We are proud to be partnered with our manufacturing partners enabling us to return empty cartridges as part of their recycling programs, and with other market-leading recycling partners for non-HP products.

Ink Cartridge Recycling UK. 

Empty ink cartridges sent back to Cartridge King are recycled with Zero Waste. We aim to responsibly dispose of all used cartridges sent to us.

Our service is FREE. The bags we provide for sending empties back in are 100% recyclable. No waste goes to landfill from Cartridge King.

Our freepost service is FREE even if you do not have one of our supplied bags and you do not have to pay for any postage costs when you send your package back to us (no matter what packaging you use). 

Please note at this time we are only able to accept ink cartridges and not toner ink products for recycling. 

Please download our handy pre-formatted template which you can print out and attach to any package you send back to us >



If you do not have access to a printer then feel free to use the Freepost address listed below for your packages. 

Cartridge Returns 
PO Box 537


You can also order one of our blue recycling bags here >

Only ever New Original Ink Cartridges

We only sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges. We believe these to be the best option for your printer, as they are made by the same manufacturer that made your printer. They tend to be a lot fuller than the initial ones that came with the printer, which is done to keep the price of the printer down.

At Cartridge King, we only sell OEM cartridges. Our goal is to sell these cartridges to you at the best possible price. We believe that the quality is second to none and in the, very unlikely, event that you have a malfunctioning cartridge we will replace it for you.

Why we don’t recommend compatible, refilled, counterfeit or remanufactured ink cartridges

Compatible, counterfeit, remanufactured or refilled printer ink cartridges can be messy, unreliable, cause problems, or are often unrecognised by your printer. Why take the risk on something that isn’t genuine, and not necessarily cheaper?

Buying an OEM from Cartridge King is cheaper than buying a refill from a high street retailer. Need we say more?

NOTE: At Cartridge King, we source all our products from Authorised IT Distributors. This ensures that we never come across counterfeit products.

Cartridge duty cycle ratings

Printer ink cartridges have ‘duty cycle ratings’ to indicate how many pages the user should expect to print, on average, from that single printer ink cartridge. These ratings can be a good way for consumers to compare the lifespan of ink cartridges across different types of printer models from the same printer manufacturer. They are, however, slightly misleading.

The printer ink cartridge duty cycle figure is usually displayed in the following way: ‘400 pages at 5% coverage’. The figure of 5% should be noted. The manufacturer is referring to the approximate percentage of the page the ink should cover in order to be able to last for the number of pages specified.

It is important to be aware that if you are planning on using the printer to print colour photographs, brochures or documents that feature a lot of imagery or heavy black text, your ink usage will be much higher than that suggested by the manufacturer’s rating. Some brochure pages have nearer 70% coverage so you should not be surprised when you get a smaller number of pages from your printer ink cartridges.

We hope the above has given you our simple and honest view of the ink cartridge market. If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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